Lauren Koch is a creative director, website producer, and photographer. She has a master’s degree in Instructional Media from Columbia University; a graduate diploma in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute; a bachelor’s degree from NYU; and has studied studio photography and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. She has shown imagery in over 30 art exhibitions; formerly had her own public access television program in NYC;  and currently resides and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lauren Koch


Stanford University; Teachers College, Columbia University; New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry; RTI International; Manhattan Comedy Nights; Zearn, Inc. (an e-learning company); Formation 8; and more.


T: 347-855-7873 | Email: lauren@picandpixel.com

>> An avid traveler, Lauren writes about her experiences in the blog, Downtown Traveler.